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Rewilding and the Ecological Unconscious

A fascinating article in today’s New York Times explores a subject that should be close to every ecosexual’s heart: ecopsychology. In Daniel B. Smith’s magazine piece, Is There an Ecological Unconscious? we learn the myriad ways in which the degradation of our environment affects our psyches. The article investigates “Solastalgia”, a psychological condition described by [...]
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Coming Just in Time

Green relationships are now worthy of the Grey Lady. A New York Times piece called Therapists Report Increase in Green Disputes calls readers attention to an emerging relationship trend — bickering about green values. Because so many people are finally getting conscious about how their everyday activities impact the planet, it’s only natural that our [...]
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Bringing Sexy Back to Train Travel

My latest obsession? Riding the rails. I’ve always been a fan of traveling by train: I especially adore the way the passive motion evokes creativity and a state of dreaminess. When I think of trains, I conjure images of Hitchcock. (Like Eva Marie-Saint and Cary Grant’s upper berth rendezvous in North By Northwest.) I fell [...]
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The Many Things To Love About Bob Barker (and Rachel Maddow)

Are clearly illustrated in this video. Thanks for bringing these important issues to the airwaves, you lovely people. You make the world a much sexier place. The Price is Right, indeed.
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Michael Pollan's Food Rules: Short, Sweet, and Sexy

If you haven’t read Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma or In Defense of Food, you may not have come across his most famously quoted “food rule”: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” His has distilled the messages from his previous books into the short, pamphlet-like Food Rules, ready and waiting for your consumption at the [...]
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