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How to Become an Eco-Sex Kitten (from the PETA files)

Want to have sex that’s oh-so-good for you and the environment? Check out author Stefanie Iris Weiss’ passionate page turner Eco-Sex. Your go-to guide to everything from eco-cosmetics to scentillating natural perfumes, the eco-sexpert recently revealed these erotic Earth- and animal-friendly “commandments” in an article for The Huffington Post. Read more:
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How to Have Eco-Sex (from

Calling all of my environmental sex kittens! Valentine’s Day is coming up (I know, it’s like a month away but still, it pays to plan in advance!), and author Stefanie Iris Weisshas tips on how to be eco-friendly between the sheets. Read more:
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“Eco-Sex” Stefanie Weiss Gets It On Without Endangered Animals (from the Vegetarian Star)

When we first introduced you to Stefanie Weiss, we were discussing the issue of planet overpopulation (i.e. Octomom procreating again) and the environment. Weiss, the author of Eco-Sex, a book about doing the nasty without making the Earth nasty, has written a piece at the Huffington Post, which gives treehugger sex kittens a few bits of advice, including [...]
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The Nine Commandments of Eco-Sex: Getting It On the Green Way in 2011 (my latest blog on Huffington Post)

What’s your number one resolution for 2011? If you answered, “getting more action,” you’re not only honest, you’ve come to the right post. Perhaps you’re green, single, and hoping to hook up with someone on the same page. Whether you’re looking to spice up your current relationship or start something new and steamy, here’s how [...]
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