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The Many Things To Love About Bob Barker (and Rachel Maddow)

Are clearly illustrated in this video. Thanks for bringing these important issues to the airwaves, you lovely people. You make the world a much sexier place. The Price is Right, indeed.
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Michael Pollan's Food Rules: Short, Sweet, and Sexy

If you haven’t read Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma or In Defense of Food, you may not have come across his most famously quoted “food rule”: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” His has distilled the messages from his previous books into the short, pamphlet-like Food Rules, ready and waiting for your consumption at the [...]
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Get Your Global Orgasm On

It’s not just the Winter Solstice, kiddies. It’s also the perfect day to dedicate an orgasm to peace. Sure, it’s the shortest day of the year, but you can still have a nice, long, Big O for all the right reasons. The folks at Global Orgasm for Peace list three reasons for their movement. They’re [...]
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The Real Inconvenient Truth: Baby Makes Carbon

An article in Canada’s National Post lays on the line the issue that so many are afraid to discuss: that we’re having too many babies. Overpopulation is the threat numero uno to Mother Earth. The more of us there are, the worse it’s going to be. Diane Francis says, “The fix is simple. It’s dramatic. [...]
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Finally, A Sexy Story About Climate Change

Welcome to Sex, Copenhagen, and Sustainability. Danish sex workers are offering their services free of charge to delegates of the UN climate summit. Now that’s what you call Ecosex!
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Welcome to the Ecosexual Revolution

Join us; we’ve been waiting for you. But pardon our appearance right now, as this site  is still in the process of getting dolled up for its date with the public.
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