Get Your Global Orgasm On

It’s not just the Winter Solstice, kiddies. It’s also the perfect day to dedicate an orgasm to peace. Sure, it’s the shortest day of the year, but you can still have a nice, long, Big O for all the right reasons. The folks at Global Orgasm for Peace list three reasons for their movement. They’re pretty damn convincing:

Three Reasons for Global Orgasm


We live in a vibrational world of moving energy.  In the afterglow of love making there is usually a sense of peace, fulfillment, and pleasure.  These qualities vibrate at a higher resonance than violence.  Consider the energy of orgasm as a prayer and dedicate it consciously to world peace.  If millions of people send their orgasmic energies toward world peace perhaps we can affect a shift in the collective consciousness to end war and violence.  Picture an energetic grid surrounding our planet that is enhanced with more energy and light when we send out our orgasmic prayers for peace.

Gender & Social Justice

Justice starts with compassionate understanding. Only when we can visualize ourselves in someone else’s place can we understand what drives them to behave the way they do. Empathy, compassion, love – these are the Feminine traits with which all women and men are born in varying ratios. When they are used in our interactions with others and with the other species, justice will prevail. Differences in gender, social status and race are not delineators of bad and good. We are all worthy of justice. To combine the energy of orgasm with a conscious empathy for all beings, human and otherwise, would be a powerful boost to the well-being of our planet and species. Visualize true partnership to heal the planet.

Global Warming

The planet needs a rest from all our other desires, so what better way to get us to take a rest from over-consumption than an orgasm? And if we can combine that energy with a resolution to be satisfied with less of everything (except love-increasing orgasms, of course), perhaps the collective mindset will change. And since a major cause of global warming, peak oil, peak water, peak everything is overpopulation by humans, lets put in a collective request for fewer offspring. Every cute baby is another consumer. Let’s make children even more valued by making fewer of them.

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