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Happy 30th Birthday, PETA!

PETA, everyone’s favorite bad-ass, sexy activist organization, is celebrating thirty years of good works tonight with a big bash in LA. This is one party that you will miss having been at, in case you’re not lucky enough to be on the invite list. It’s going to be legendary, filled with animal-loving celebs and their [...]
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PETA and Octomom, Together At Last!

Always spay and neuter your pets, dearies — that goes without saying. You gotta love PETA for how far they’re willing to go to spread their message (a great message that I fundamentally agree with). But now, according to Treehugger, they’ve gone and hired the Octomom, the woman who looked overpopulation in the face and [...]
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Hot Vegans On Film — Ready to Enter?

No matter how you feel about PETA, they do know one thing — how to market vegetarianism via sex. And there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that, darlings. That is, in part, Eco-Sex’s mission too, so we’re pleased to see that PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door 2010 competition is in full swing. Are you a hot vegan [...]
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The Many Things To Love About Bob Barker (and Rachel Maddow)

Are clearly illustrated in this video. Thanks for bringing these important issues to the airwaves, you lovely people. You make the world a much sexier place. The Price is Right, indeed.
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