The Daily Green Calls Eco-Sex One of the Best Green Books of 2010

Thanks to my friends at The Daily Green for naming Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable one of the best green books of 2010. I’m so flattered!

Here’s what “Urth Guy” Brian Clark Howard, the author of his own awesome book, Green Lighting, had to say about Eco-Sex:

Speaking of bodies, charismatic author Stefanie Iris Weiss has written a delightful and nearly pocket-sized guide to going green between the sheets. Stefanie recently shared some of what she learned with us in a post about green sins that sabotage your love life. Did you know that many sex toys and lubes contain toxins? As do perfumes?

However, Stefanie also keeps it real and steamy, playfully admonishing those who would let their eco-fears ruin all the fun. “Don’t be an environmental schoolmarm when you’re about to do the deed,” she cautions. Luckily, her book is packed with lots of great tips to keep your love life fresh, from recipes for natural aphrodisiacs and massage oils to the skinny on the best condoms.

Although it’s packed with info, Eco-Sex is an accessible guide to the “Eco-Sexual Revolution.” Even the New York Post thinks so.

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